Wine Time


You Guys…Wine. Do you love it as much as I do? The older I get the more I learn to not just appreciate a good wine buzz, but take note of the history, geography, and work that goes into making each bottle. The Lake Chelan region of Washington state did not disappoint in their fruit growing abilities. Not only were there apple orchards everywhere, just about every other fruit had its moment, as well. We dined at a local blueberry farm, ate apricots off a tree from our backyard, and of course had photo shoots within grape vines. Below is a quick list of the different local breweries/ restaurants/ vineyards we frequented while we were in the area last month:

  1. WineGirl Wines- this was our first stop after a day of driving from Seattle, so a wind (or wine?) down was in order. We had a nice tasting of 5 wines ($10, but waved if you purchase a bottle...pretty standard practice) before landing on the Pinot Noir, Gewürztraminer, and the Rose. The pinot stood out because when it was aging the barrels were part of a fire, so when you went to smell the wine it smelled like an actual bon fire. We found that a lot of the roses in the area were shiraz roses, which added a darker color and bolder flavor than most roses I drink. Side note: Kristin, a lady on the wonderful staff, was v v entertaining.
  2. Root Wood Cider Co- this was my favorite place we visited. Instead of wine we tasted hard ciders, which felt special with all the apple trees around the area. The staff, again, were wonderful and on top of the hard ciders their homemade salsa was on point. We landed on a growler of the Dry Hopped. It was the perfect mix of cider and beer with the added hops.
  3. Lake Chelan Winery- this was our fancy night on the town/ first time I decided to put on makeup all week. Although not fancy, we wanted to get out for dinner and explore more of the actual town of Chelan. We landed on the BBQ in the Vineyard at the Lake Chelan Winery. The food was really good and hit the spot, there was an all you can eat corn bread station ('nuff said), and a lot of shiraz rose available. Needless to say we consumed more than our fair share and decided a photo shoot was completely necessary.
  4. Blueberry Hills Farm- although not as alcohol focused, Blueberry Hills Farm Restaurant is a delicious (and hopping) breakfast spot. They have everything from blueberry syrup to blueberry juice, but not just plain  blueberry muffins. I have to say we all thought that was odd. We didn't let that get us down and had another photo shoot among the fruit. Pretty standard at this point.
  5. Alta Cellars Winery- After (another) tasting we decided on a bottle of the 2012 Navigator. I have never had a wine quite like it, but I loved it! Alta wines was located in a renovated garage. In Washington, it gets very hot but it is dry heat. I am so used to the humid heat of NYC that sitting in an open air garage with just some shade and a fan usually would sound terrible. In Washington it was just the perfect temperature to enjoy wine with great company on our last night of vacation.
  6. Lake Chelan Brewery- this was a quick stop on the last night of our trip (crying). Although I did not get the flight, the beers were definitely for a beer lover (very hoppy). The food, though, was every bit the delicious bar you would want at a brewery.

Thank you for reading, as always! I hope you read along with a glass of wine in hand :)