There's No Language For Ceviche


Barranco Neighborhood 

The greatest joy in my travels is the amazing family and friends I get to travel with. They also have been the biggest supports (aka water my ego daily) of this blog. I wanted to start a series of guest bloggers to get other perspectives and voices to travel. First up is my twin sister, Kelly, who has been my travel buddy since day one. I wanted her to touch on Lima for many reasons but mostly because she loves cats and there is an actual cat park in Lima. So she had that going for her!- A

The only thing wrong with Lima is I didn't stay there longer. So, Lima, it's not you it's me. I had at least two people tell me Lima isn't that great before I flew off to Peru. I hate to say it, but I will.. they were SO WRONG. Lima is a beautiful Metropolis. It gives you colonial architecture that almost makes you believe you're in Europe, but the sea, ceviche and people remind you that you are still in Magical Peru.

Throughout our trip we conquered the desert, sea and mountains. A lot of these areas are very foreign to me, it got me out of my box which I loved. Lima came at the end of our trip and in a way I've never felt more comfortable there. It has that hustle and bustle of a city that I love so much (and am kind of used to when traveling). We found local breweries, craft beer and cocktail bars, vegan restaurants. We sat down with a big group of people some speaking English others speaking none, drank Sangria and ate Ceviche. Then, we walked to the sea, watched our friends start dancing to the sidewalk drummers. We wander in parks, popped into art galleries, ate burgers and pet cats. After a grandiose hike through the Andes and exploring ancient Machu Picchu it was the care free experience I was looking for.

So, if anyone wants to tell you a city sucks remember you're an independent wo/man who pays their own bills and can make up their damn mind. And if you really do think it sucks, just find the nearby McDonald's and buy some ice cream. We did that too.


Parque Kennedy (Cat Park)