The Sun and Moon in Trujillo


2016 started with a bang, literally as the fireworks went off announcing our 12am Jan 1 2016 landing into Lima . My sisters and I spent an extravagant New Years in the Lima airport waiting for our 5am flight to Trujillo, Peru. Most people have not heard of Trujillo, neither had I before one of my life long friends moved there a few years back. I am grateful for his residency, if not I would still not know what little (actually not so little, almost 700,000 people call Trujillo home)gem on the coast of Peru was waiting out there for me. I had never been anywhere like Trujillo, and that was liberating after a sub par 2015.

One of the more visited attractions of the Trujillo area is the Huacas del Sol y de la Luna. Loosely translated to the Temple of the Sun and Moon, these Huacas were built by the ancient Moche people of Peru. To put it bluntly they were human sacrifice temples. Mostly reigned over by women high priestess. Although grim,also strangely empowering in a time most assume women were second class citizens. Standing in 1500 year old temples puts it all in perspective. So many have come before us, so many civilizations and cultures have come and gone. When you are standing where these people stood, in the middle of the desert with no cell service your thoughts start to get mad deep.

We took a local bus to Huanchaco beach, where we spent a few hours in the mid-afternoon sun. All around were rainbow beach umbrellas, old Volkswagen Beetles and Peruvian families. The bus ride back to Trujillo in another rickety bus, the seat vibrating underneath me and wind blasting us in the face reminded us we were but lowly tourists instead of high priestesses. Even more of a daily reminder of our female-ness came when we visited the men's only library at Club Centrale. History mysteries, amiright?

If you want to know:

Where I Stayed- Hotel Libertador, could not recommend this hotel enough. A little bit more expensive, but the bang for your buck is unreal.

Where I Ate- Club Central, you might need to know a member to eat (we were lucky enough to get the hook up), but the space is beautiful and worth a gander.




Club Central


Huanchaco Beach