Southern Charm



TBQH (to be quite honest)—I have not extensively traveled The South. I went to South Carolina as a teenager on a family vacay. Loved it. I have done the whole South Florida gig (Boca, Miami, Key West). Loved it more (but let’s be honest is So Flo really “THE South”). I hit up Atlanta once for a weekend. I loved that it is under the radar pretty cute. I have been to Nashville a few times, but really just to visit friends and not get a true feel of the city and what it has to offer. Besides these few times, I really cannot think of much more extensive travelling I have done in this region of America (let alone really feeling like a tourist).

With the emergence of fusion southern food and more and more “scenes” popping up within the major cities , this interesting part of the country is starting to peek my interest more and more. Two trips in the last few years that I have taken that have turned me truly onto The South were visiting Savannah for a good friend’s wedding and Austin with some of my besties.

Let’s start with Savannah… Easily one of my now Top 5 cities in the US. I mean, I absolutely loved it! From the fountains, to the art scene, to the Halloween dog parade I witnessed. It was all just right up my ally. Since I was there for a wedding a lot of the food I ate was with the group (it was all delicious) but I am also a terrible person and did not take note of the names of anywhere I ate. I do know that there is the Soul Food place that Obama went to…we didn’t have time to get around to going (the hours are odd) but I am pretty much 100% positive it is a do not miss. We stayed at a wonderful B&B that really had, I hate to say it, SOUTHERN CHARM. Azalea Inn and Villas has spectacular meals and amazing hospitality. The location is also a great place to wander through the parks and down to the waterfront. Another thing I did not take note of were the boutique I bopped in and out of. Even in NYC there are not a lot of true boutiques that I love and find affordable. Savannah was chocked full of them! I left with a heavier suitcase than I came with, lets put it that way.

Honorable Mention- Savannah Bee Company. I say Honorable Mention because I know this is more of a nationwide company at this point (you can shop online), but there are a few adorable locations in Savannah to shop in store. I am all about helping sustain bees, so shop to it!


Local boutique owner on break


Now to Austin…a much more wild weekend. I headed down to The Lone Star State with one of my best friends and her friends (who became my friends, obviously). We laid out, drank, danced to “Pony” by Ginuwine (naturally), and ate A LOT of oysters. Me mosied (pun intended) down South Congress and drank the bars dry on 6th street. It was a fun bachelorette like weekend, but none of us were bachelorettes (which made it way more fun). I apologize to the rickshaw drivers that had to bike our asses home.

If you Want to Know:

Where I Stayed- Omni Austin was a nice hotel near 6th St with delicious Bloody Marys and a rood top pool. What else do you need?

Where I Ate- Irene's was suggested to us by a friend who is form Austin and it did not disappoint. Yummy Bloody Marys  (again) and a plethora of toasts. This Basic Girl was happy.

Clark's Oyster Bar was  a find by my friend Keeley and she knocked it out of the park. So yummy. I got the Lobster roll and about 7,000 oysters. You know, just a normal food order.

Maudie's was also suggested to us by our friend and is a chain in Austin of Tex-Mex and solid Margs. It was all I wanted in a lunch while I was day drinking. Tacos 4Eva.

Perla's was a cute restaurant that we stumbled upon while walking around South Congress on a Sunday night. If I remember correctly I think it just so happens to be a sister restaurant of Clark's. So, needless to say, more Osyters. This time I got baked oysters, just to switching things up.




Omni Rooftop






Clark's with my girls (clearly I was into taking pictures of pictures on this trip)