Salzburg- 5/5, Would Recommend


Salzburg holds a special place in my heart, because it hold a special place in my sisters heart. She studied abroad there and this is my third time with her in the cute Bavarian city. She runs that city  (or so she thinks). This was my shortest trip there, and it consisted of mainly just drinking. Let me tell ya, this girl can't hang. I woke up disappointed that I didn't take more advantage of a place I have learned to love so much. I think the universe was also disappointed in  me and showed it by throwing the worst traffic ever at me on our way out of town.

If you like Sound Of Music, cute buildings, Bavaria, Europe in general, and, apparently, partying I would strongly sugest adding Salzburg to your next itinerary.

If You Want To Know:

Where I Stayed- 2/3 of the time I have stayed with friends. Pretending like I am in a bed and breakfast and demand they make me breakfast. One time when I went with my parents I stayed at Hotel Blaue Gans (The Blue Goose). The hotel was a cute boutique hotel with a perfect location in the Old Town. The continental breakfast was almost as good as the breakfasts I made my friends make.

Where I Ate (...Drank)- Darwin's Cafe was a true mixologist bar.  We started here and things got a bit loud (and rowdy). Thank you for not kicking us out. Our friend knows the owner, I think that helped the situation. Cocktails were out of this world.

Augustiner Brau is an old monastery that now you can drink in. What more do you need? Toursity, but fun. In the summer there is a great courtyard to drink and eat pretzels in.

O'Malleys is where my sister would hang in college. The nostalgia is real when going back with her. The tequila shots with cinnamon and orange tasted much better in college.


Proof we did go sighseeing


I love the dates the city puts on the buildings- when the building was built and when it was restored. 


Augustiner Brau