Poutine Jungle and the Reason I Can't Return to Montreal


My sister, Kelly, enjoying the Tam Tams in Mount Royal Park

Don't get me wrong, it is not by choice that I cannot return to Montreal. And it is not because I was arrested and no longer allowed in Canada. Thank God. The reason I can't return to Montreal is because I am now a vegetarian. This might sound strange, so boys and girls come on this journey with me and I hope you understand once we are done here.

I think I speak for most when I say eating is one of the main reasons to travel. I love hitting up farmer markets, hot spots in town, and hole in the wall restaurants. All stress free, that is literally what vacation is for. If nothing else, it is a reason to just NGAF for a week or so. Montreal was a real treat in that department. We went in the summer so we were able to visit some markets for fresh produce, paired expertly with unpasteurized cheese. We treked to get some famous Montreal bagels. I love bagels and Montreal did not disappoint. All food was fine and great but I must say the highlight and my main reason to want to go to Montreal in the first place was the poutine.

Yes I know you can get/make poutine everywhere, but I had never had it. Sue me. After waiting in line for 30 minutes we were in. And ready. We had walked around the Botanical Gardens all morning, so it was was time to stuff myself with gravy and cheese curd drenched french fries. This place had it all. Mexican Poutine. Bacon Poutine. Pastrami Poutine. CORN DOG MOTHERF@#%ING POUTINE. I went with the bacon poutine. Great choice. I think it took me 9 minutes to eat start to finish. My sisters and friends let me down and "couldn't finish their poutine" or whatever the hell that means. Don't worry folks, no food went to waste. With their blessing I went ahead and finished all the poutine at the table. It was aw inspiring and just as heavenly as I assumed. I think about it everyday. It was the Poutine Jungle.

Even before I went to Montreal I had started my journey to want to change the amount of animal I ate. Needless to say when we went to Montreal in Sept 2015 I had already fallen hard off the wagon. Now and for the last 7  or so months, eating vegetarian is fully a part of my life. I feel better mentally and physically and love eating with no guilt. I will never tell you meat tastes bad. I know it does not taste bad. It is fucking delicious, but this was a decision I wanted to hold myself to and stand for. That being said, I know if I ever went back to Montreal The Jungle would pull me back in.

If You Want to Know:

Where I Stayed- Montreal Central Hostel, in a cool more local area, but walking distance to Old Montreal. CHEAP!

Where I Ate- La Banquise, poutine need I say more?

St Viateur Bagel, Montreal bagels that came as a recommendation to us all by many. Delicious and well worth the wait. Also super cute ringer tees available for purchase.

If You Go In The Summer- Hit up the Tam Tams, again recommended to us by many. Fun and relaxing but you still feel like you are doing sometime unique to Montreal. The Tam Tams is a weekly festival/ get together of music and the arts in Mount Royal Park.


Bike ride across Victoria Bridge


Local Markets


Botanical Gardens


Vieux Montreal and Vieux Port


La Banquise- Poutine Jungle