PNW Beauty


Washington state coast


As I gear up for my next vacation next week (!!!), I wanted to quickly write about the fun I have had the last few years while visiting the beautiful Pacific North West. About 3 years ago my mom decided to pack up and head out to the PNW after being in Indiana for 25+ years. Between that and my dad living in West Point for a year (more on that later :) ) I see where I get my thrill for adventure from. I am so proud of her for making this huge move and being a boss while doing it. I was also happy for myself because now I get to explore Washington state and Seattle, a place I had never been up until she moved in 2014. From windy beach towns, to 4th of July at Mt Rainier, to rainy Seattle, visiting her and learning this state by her side has been such a joy!

Along with family moving to Seattle, I also had a best friend move to Portland. I mean LUCKY ME, more PNW travels! She has quite the obsession with Mt Hood and after visiting her it is not hard to see why. What a beaut! Especially when at Mt Hood Winery, sitting outside, starring at the monstrosity with my pup nephew in hand.  PNW is starting to feel more and more like home, but with the people who now live there how could it not?


Gig Harbor, WA


Mt Rainier


Mirror Lake, OR


Mt Hood <3