Ljublj-I- Luv- Ya


Ljubljana is a lovely city. Manageable by foot, clean, and charming. There were multiple times that I didn't even feel like it I was in Eastern Europe. I had a lot of ideas of what I thought Ljubljana would be, and I was proven wrong in so  many ways.

I love Eastern Europe. There is still so much for me to still travel in the area, but where I have been I have loved. There is a distinct difference between being in the Western and Eastern part of the continent, rightfully so as their history has taken them in different directions. Slovenian history is tragic, albeit interesting but tragic. Between WWI, WWII, and the Iron Curtain as a part of the former Yugoslavia there has been a lot of pain throughout the last 100 years. But also a lot of triumph. You see all that triumph in the amazing people of Ljubljana.

We were given advice to visit the area of Metelkova right outside the old town of Ljubljana. This is where I felt that Eastern European edge that I love so much. The area used to be army barracks in the Yugoslavia era.  Now it is a mecca of alternative culture of the city, boasting a young and rebellious crowd. It is also completely covered in street art. Metelkova is pretty amazing and a highlight of my time in Ljubljana, and of Eastern Europe.

If You Want To Know:

Where I Stayed- Villa Veselova is an old villa turned into a great hostel. Really cheap and in a great location. The bang for your buck is top notch.

Side note: Although I did not stay here (we almost did but decided to go the cheaper route on this leg of the trip), The Grand Hotel Union is right in the middle of old town and is a lovely place. For anyone looking for higher end lodging I think it would be a winner.

Where I Ate- Most, one of the best restaurants in Ljubljana was the best meal we had all trip. Mediterranean inspired, the food is absolutely delicious and the service brought art back into serving. Impeccable!  Most means bridge in Slovenian, so the location is right on the river in the old town between all of the amazing bridges in the city (Dragon Bridge, Triple Bridge, etc). Everything about the restaurant is A+.

Neboticnik- Roof top bar with great views of the city. I would highly recommend stopping by for afternoon drinks.

Pivovarna Union- I really enjoy checking out local beers and their respective breweries when I am in other cities for a fun afternoon. Although we didn't have the time to check out the actual brewery, we stopped by the pub and the beer and food did not disappoint.

Where I Shopped- Going with my obsession of department stores in other countries, I have to suggest stopping by Galerija Emporium. Great department stores with even better views.


Galerija Emporium and The Grand Hotel Union


Slovenia Selfie Tour 2017 continues outside the National Museum of Contemporary History