Late Night Chachabamba



The Mecca of Peru- Machu Picchu. Although I hold onto my opinion that the country is so much more than just Machu Picchu, at the same time you are looking at 500 year irrigation systems that still work and you just have to be in awe of what you are seeing. This was by far the toughest leg of the trip (lots of early mornings, altitude sickness, and a hike that is not for the faint of heart), but we have the most memories from this portion of our excursion. From late night Chachbambas to my sister almost falling to her death (resulting in tears both serious and laugh induced) I can of course go on and on and tell you how amazing it all was. Instead of telling you I would suggest you take the leap and make Machu Picchu memories of your own.

If you want to know:

Where I Stayed- Pisko y Sol in Cusco, bare minimum backpackers hostel. Nothing at all fancy, but nice staff, good location, and CHEAP.

Where I Ate- Couldn't tell you, altitude sickness was too real.

Who Helped Me- Andina Travel, I would strongly suggest doing the Inca Trail and MP with an agency. They handle all the logistics for you ( including booking our trip with the government and all train tickets) and are super informed. I saw multiple people lost on the trail and it looked miserable. Andina is great bang for your buck for private and non-private tours. It was an exhausting experience, so we were so happy we went the private tour route. If you are not as dramatic as my sisters and me then I am sure their non-private tours are just as great. I am adding the link to the tour we went on, the one day hike and one day touring the ruins. Great alternative for the non-campers. If you want to do the 5-day hike that is also available.


Cusco- Inca Empire Capital


Coca Tea at Pisko y Sol


Inca Trail


The view after entering through the Sun Gate