From Munich....With Love?




I have been to Munch three time in the last 8 or so years. I love it and I suggest it to just about everyone. That is why my realization this time around that my "love" for Munich might be artificial was heartbreaking. I have never spent more that 2 or 3 days in the city and most of the time it has been a stop over location. Spending 12 hours to enjoy and fly in and out of. After a long drive back from Salzburg (the traffic was the only traffic, and this was truly bad traffic, we ran into in all of the 1500 kilometers of our road  trip) we dropped our stuff down and walked to Marienplatz then to get a beer (or a big coke for these hung over girls) at Hofbrauhaus. When walking towards the attractions it hit me, "Oh shit, Marienplatz is the Times Square on Munich."

Yes, I feel like this is obvious. Of course HB is super touristy, but it is fun enough. It doesn't scream "Guy Fieri American Kitchen" to me. Or does it? I don't even know what I think at this point. Marienplatz is just so beautiful and lively but this time around the lively screamed just busy. More people than I have ever seen in the area, or maybe just noticed. The reason why so many of my pictures are angled up in this post is just to get some people out of the shot. No way in hell was I getting all of them out of the picture. In that walk it hit me that I didn't know anything about the city. What are the neighborhoods called? What are the hidden gems in each? I knew none of that. I didn't even know where Mareinplatz was on a map of the city.

Moral of this story is shame on me. I want to know more about the city, take a trip to make it the main focus. I enjoy and have traveled Bavaria as a region extensively so I just assumed I loved and knew Munich. In a harsh reality I realized that was not the case.

In that being said, if anyone has any tips please feel free to share in the comments. I would love to hear!


One last Trip Selfie for the road (literally)