Danish Girls


I love Oscar season. I actually thought I was an Oscar award winning actress when I was a tween (I acted in nothing, btw), so I guess the obsession has just followed me through my life. I saw "The Danish Girl" while catching up on 2016 Oscar favorites and fell in love with the set as much as the movie. Our tickets to Copenhagen were booked within the next week.

As a recap, "The Danish Girl" is about Lili Elbe, a transgender pioneer, and more specifically about Lili and her relationship with her wife, Gerda. I still internally debate which Danish Girl the title refers to. They both are telling their story and figuring it all out(to put it lightly). Lili, of course figuring out her life as woman and coming to terms with it. Gerda, is more low key figuring it out. Where does Gerda fit into Lili's life now? Does she want to fit in Lili's life? Gerda's story hit hard, and between you and me I think the title is about her.

Wynne, my step sister, came with me to Copenhagen. We ate, we drank, we shopped (a lot) like any vacation. What I remember the most, though, was the wandering. We went in with no plans so we just let Copenhagen take a hold of us and lead, hoping no one would notice we were just trying to figure it all out.*

*In a much more light way than Lilli and Gerda, of course.

If you want to know:

Where I Stayed- Downtown Hostel, clean essential hostel. I am not above a hostel situation to save money (private room and bathroom are key)

Where I Shopped- Magasin Du Nord, beautiful and historic department store. After perusing the floors for hours we found some cool Scandinavian brands and from there hit up their own brick and mortar stores (some favs-- Wood Wood, Second Female, and Tiger of Sweden).

Where I Ate- Cafè Gammeltorv, the most amazing traditional danish meal. Menu is very small, but amazing. We topped it off with a traditional Danish apple dessert and rum. Unbelievable.

Holberg no. 19- super cute cafe, great tuna sandwich.

Smorredbrod-- open face sandwiches, addicting and found basically anywhere.


Cafe Gammel Torv


Holberg No. 19


Magasin Du Nord