Damn Beaches


Who else loves a good beach during the summer? Or winter, of course? Summer is winding down (can we talk about this beautiful weather in NYC, real quick?), and with that so are the days of leaving the city for the beach.

Back in 2014 when I told a friend my next vacation would be to Iceland she looked at me and said " I would never choose to go there on vacation." Confused, I asked where would she choose to go? She looked at me and said, "I mean, a beach." I laughed because a beach just never would have occurred to me 2014 as the vacation I would want (or, apparently, even think about). I grew up going to the Jersey Shore, went to the Mediterranean a few times, and I am sure a few other beaches in between. I just felt like if you have been to one beach you have been to them all.

After following that same friend to Puerto Rico and Mexico the next year, I started to get it. Now I am a full convert. Especially the Caribbean, it is probably my favorite place to relax. That warm crystal clear water is hard to beat. I have spoken about my go, go, go attitude while traveling, but I am slowly becoming a convert to that sand between my toes vibe.

What about you all? Thoughts on a beach vacation?


Hot dogs or legs?