Columbus, IN


Abby found this great book on her parents' coffee table, the cover features the Miller House built in 1953 by Eero Saarninen

I took a little break, but am so excited to start back my guest blogger series! Columbus, Indiana, a town just south of Indianapolis, is having moment; it's the backdrop of the Sundance darling film "Columbus." Luckily for me one of my best friends, Abby, is a native and was kind enough to put together a sweet blog post. Hope you all enjoy! -A

"Athens of the prairie", Mecca of mid-century modernist architecture; most people wouldn't associate these with a city of about 50,000 people in southern Indiana.

Columbus, Indiana is my hometown, and about to become a new tourist destination thanks to the Sundance Film Festival hit, "Columbus". After moving away from Indiana 6 years ago, my recent trip back gave me a new perspective on the town being something more than the place where I grew up.

Columbus is a thriving scene of culture. Not quite New York, London, or Paris, but still a gem of the Midwest. Thanks to the work of the Miller family (founders of Cummins Inc.), dozens of modern architects and artists brought their work to Columbus. Over 60 public works were commissioned to artists and architects including Henry Moore, Jean Tinguely, I.M. Pei, Eero and Eleil Saarinen, and Richard Meier. More recently, "Exhibit Columbus" has created 18 installations highlighting the innovative architecture of Columbus.

Being a local, I wanted to share some old favorites and new encounters from my recent trip to Downtown Columbus.


Just reveling in my last day as a blonde on the 

Robert N. Stewart Bridge


Enjoyed some local cherry beer and yummy apps in the former Senior Center (now the

Columbus Pump House: Upland Brewery

). Apparently the Hoosier Classic pork tenderloin sandwich is amazing, I just don't eat pork. The colored C's are bike racks that can be found across the city and also serves as the city logo.


Garden on the Flatrock River


Exhibit Columbus at Cummins Corporate Headquarters by Kevin Roche:

"Anything Can Happen in the Woods"- Plan B Architecture and Urbanism 


Exhibit Columbus at former Irwin Union Bank by Eero Saarinen:

"The Exchange"- Oyler Wu Collaborative

If you live in the Midwest, Columbus is an easy day trip. A stroll downtown will bring you by dozens of architecture marvels, works of art, parks, and local restaurants. I'd suggest checking out the Public Library, Mill Race Park, Columbus Bar, and Lucabe Coffee Co.. If you want to stay overnight, the Inn at Irwin Gardens or Hotel Indigo downtown are unique boutique hotel options. To learn more about Columbus, check out the visitor center's