Catskill Rains


Pool View

Last summer I went up to the Catskills. I had this damn weekend planned for MONTHS. Like since November. Months and months of looking forward to a sunny, quiet upstate weekend. So, about that sun you ask? Well it joined us for about 2 hours and then it was a full weekend of rain. Not just misty rain. Straight up mountain downpour. See ya later, pool. See ya later, tubing. See ya later, cute upstate wardrobe I carefully curated. Our parade was officially rained on, right?

Not being people to let rain ruin a good time, we just had to adjust our plans a bit. Instead of laying out, we read our book club book in the main gathering area of the sweet Graham and Co Hotel. Instead of tubing, we went vintage shopping in Phoenicia. Instead of sweating like we had all summer in the city, we got to bundle up in sweatshirts and watch Jurassic Park 3 on a projector*. We ate, we drank, we shopped, and we were on vacation. No rain could stop that.

*funny story here: Graham and Co had an essential collection of 80's and 90's movies** we could watch on a projector. I (embarrassingly) have never seen Jurassic Park, so Wynne pops that in when deciding what to watch. Great, I am finally going to catch up to my generation and know Jurassic Park references. For example, "hold on to your butts". Like wtf is that?! Half way through I say to Wynne "this is nothing that I expected", and she just told me to "wait for the other island". Until the end credits came on and I was said "what in the actual hell did we just watch?" And Wynne answered "ya that's not what I remembered." Still not putting it together, other Graham and Co patrons had to put two and two together and let us know that we actually just watched Jurassic park 3. Embarrassed, we scuried back to our room and didn't make an appearance in the projector room much after that.  The story ends well, As of March 12th I can officially say I have now seen Jurassic Park.

**Another 80's/90's activity I learned/played/watched for the first time while being stuck inside: the board game "Sorry". Now that is a good time.

If You Want to Know:

Where I Stayed- The Graham and Co. We loved this place. Phoenicia is a small town, and this felt like Brooklyn upsate. It is so cute and the people are amazing. There are bigger room options and more of a hostel style bunk house (separate rooms, but 3 shared bathrooms) for the budget traveler.

Where I Ate- Phoenicia Diner, so so good. One of the best avocado toast I have ever had, and I LOVE avocado toast. Great breakfast/ brunch spot.

Brios, cheap pizzeria for something casual. Pizza was great!

Sweet Sue's, another cute breakfast spot with local ingredients. I had a sweetcorn (visited in August) omelette and it was delicious.

Tavern 214, nicer upscale restaurant. Eclectic menu and the sweetest staff. We had a blast here!


Graham and Co Details