California Dreaming


If you have been following Moonlit Wing from the beginning ( so basically, if you are my parents) you might remember that I posted an image of my logo over a beautiful beach scene of San Francisco.  With that image I promised a SF post soon to come. Well, 6 months later here we are. To be honest, I have had some writers block every time I would try to start this post. I have so much to say, but also nothing to say at all.

Although, I LOVED San Francisco (my first time there last Labor Day), what really made the trip memorable was good times with life long friends. From debating our Jerry "Cherry" Garcia Dead Head status to being so damn trendy that we matched the mannequins while out shopping in Haight- Ashbury, inside jokes do not translate well on paper. I write this with a smirk on my face and phantom side pains from all the laughing.

When I look back at a great trip, it almost always lands on the people I am with. That is where all the memories start.

But on a travel note....The Golden Gate Bridge is cooler than Machu Picchu. I know, controversial.

If You Want To Know:

Where I Ate/ Drank- Tipsy Pig was a perfect way to kick off the weekend with many Strawberry Fields to drink and apps to eat. It is also near a cute shopping area on Chestnut Street.

Tonga Room- After more wine with friends we hit up the Tonga Room in the basement of the Fairmont Hotel. This was cheeky and fun. Anthony Bourdain claims it is the last non-cliche tiki bar. IDK if a tiki bar can actually not be cliche, but either way the drinks were strong and the atmosphere fun.

Cha Cha Cha- Needing to fuel up before shopping, we stopped at this Cuban spot in Haight- Ashbury. I was too hung over to remember what I ordered but I do remember I loved it. Sangria is a must.

Elephant Sushi- Some of the best sushi I have ever had. Super innovative and unique. We had a great time sitting at the sushi bar, drinking Saki, and gearing up for the night. I strongly suggest the white fish roll. I'm sorry I cannot remember the name!

Tako- I went here 3 times while I was in town for 4 days. It was all I needed for my multiple burrito cravings, apparently.

Where I Toured- Golden Gate Bridge was honestly one of the best things I have ever seen. Seeing a picture does not even do it justice. We ended up doing an impromptu $15 boat ride around The Bridge and Alcatraz, that we made into a booze cruise, and I could not suggest it enough.

Land End Hike- although the hiking is very minimal, it felt good to get "out" of the city (or feel like it) at least once during the weekend. Made me feel better about all the burritos I ate.

Dolores Park- I mean there is a guy that goes around selling coconut water and rum. Need I say more?

Haight-Ashbury- I loved learning about the SF hippie counter-culture in my 1960's history class in college, so visiting where it all began was a must. Vintage shopping is also stellar in the area.