Not a bad view for 26.2 miles


One time I flew across the ocean just to run a marathon. My friend, Kim, coming from Portland, flew across the country and an ocean to just run a marathon. It was probably one of our more out there ideas, but the trip was fantastic. Around mile 20 I remember saying to myself "Alison, remember how terrible this feels when you think about running another marathon. Never do this again."

With that said, as I am only 3 weeks out from starting to train for my second Marathon(eye roll...why do I do this to myself?), in NYC, I thought I would finally look back at my time in Scotland because of all the pleasure and memories it gave me. Although, sometimes, it is hard to look past that 26.2 miles of pain.

I have been to all other countries in the United Kingdom except Scotland, so I was excited to finally get to see what all the fuss was about. I knew going into it we would just be scratching the surface, but I am still so happy I got to experience a wonderful country with such fun friends. We made our home base in Edinburgh and took one day to travel out to The Highlands. Since we were short on time and one full day would be dedicated to the marathon, we did a full day tour that gave us just a taste of the glory The Highlands have to offer. We stopped by the must sees- Inverness, Loch Ness (didn't find Nessie*), Ben Nevis, and Glen Coe. I am itching to get back there with a rental car and really get into the niddy gritty of The Highlands.

Edinburgh, as expected, was adorable and a place I want to visit time and time again. Next time, though, I will have to get to grungier (a compliment in my book), Glasgow. Scotland is a special place, and I speak more about the trips to come because there is no doubt in my mind that there will be many in my future.




The Highlands


*Not the real Nessie :(


Arthur's Seat