4 Years Later


Well hi there. It has been a second. I told myself that I would write a blog post on Seoul in March and now it is mid-May and here we are. The number one reason I have delayed this post is out of pure laziness. Yes life gets in the way, but I had a few hours in the last 2 months to write this post and just didn't. To my followers (how many of there are you now, 20?), I apologize. The second reason I held off was that I felt stuck on what to say about Seoul. I loved it. I really did, but it is so huge that I feel like I barely scratched the surface. It was, sadly, a stop over city for us before heading to PyeonChang. We hit up Namsan Park, Gyeongbokgung Palace/Gwanghwamun (a personal fav), ate some kimchi/ Korean BBQ, and wandered our neighborhood on Hongdae. It was all so amazing. Seoul is the future, people. 

Finally this last week I sat down and knew I wanted to get something else on this little piece of the internet I have made about Korea. It was too spectacular of a trip to just have one post to torture you all with!

Every time I think back to this trip I can't help but to also look back at the time that went into planning and how my life shifted through it all. In 2014 my friend Keeley asked my sister, Kelly, and me if we would accompany her to the Olympics come 2018. Knowing that I has nothing on my calendar in 4 years I replied with a very quick "Yes"! I was in a stupid relationship (that I am no longer in) with a stressful job (that I no longer have) and I was just hoping things would be a little better and easier (not that anything in my life has been hard) when I was 28. I also remember think OMG I WILL ALMOST BE 30. That is another story for another time.

I wish I could go back in time to 2014 and let my 24 year old self know that all four of those years won't be 100% THE BEST. You will go through a break-up here and there, job changes, your best friends will move away, you will start to live by yourself for the first time (I was very weary about this at first) that will drain your bank account, you will have surgery that will also drain your bank account, and your dog will get sick too many times and, yep you guessed it, will drain your bank account. But one day, without even realizing it, you will just feel genuinely happy most days. And, best part of it all, you actually just really like yourself.

In the last year I have started to love being by myself (in, like, a cool way, not in an I'm ignoring everyone way). I love reading, going to grab a drink and chat with the bartenders, seeing movies, taking my dog to off leash hours, etc. Although so little, these are the times that I can finally see the work I put into myself the last 4 years paying off. Feeling that way is better than anything I could ever have imagined for myself at 24 because I did not realize a nice relationship with myself was all I needed. 

I left Korea not feeling any sort of sadness or Sunday Scaries(I left on a Sunday, after all) for an end to a wonderful trip or having to go back to work/real life. The only reason for that is because I liked what I was coming back to. 

   Hongdae  Neighborhood

Hongdae Neighborhood

  Beautiful  Gentle Monster  flagship store in Hongdae

Beautiful Gentle Monster flagship store in Hongdae

  The best travel buddies around. 

The best travel buddies around.