A Morning at Nolte


When I first made the move to NYC I was a bright eyed and bushy tailed 22 year old nothing could leave me jaded about this place. Almost 7 years later I can't say that is true any longer. Everything leaves me jaded- our terrible subway station (NYC, you should be embarrassed), everyone (including myself) being the biggest assholes you have ever met, paying damn near 2k a month for 200 sq feet. You name it, I complain about it. One con that I have gotten used to is the smell. Yes some might say it is a not so lovely melody of rotten trash, exhausted, and weed, but I guess I am just used to it. It did not hit me that I was missing some natural fresh air until my family and I took the most lovely morning hike at Nolte State Park. 

As I have mentioned, in 2014 my mom moved to Washington state and I am reaping the benefits. While visiting her and my step-dad over the Holidays we were (hashtag#)blessed with a non rainy day and we took full advantage. There was a sprinkle of fresh snow, refreshingly crisp, and almost no one on the trail. I loved the hike as we were actually hiking, but what surprised me was how much I kept thinking about it afterwards. After a stressful last few weeks at work, those 5 days of rest and a brisk morning hike (I did not do much movement beyond that 1.4 mile hike all week) was what the doctor ordered. I can't think of a family moment in Washington that brings me more joy. Take a look at these pictures; It's not hard to see why. 

I hope all of you can say you had just as memorable Holiday outings! Happy 2018, everyone!

PS- New York is still my #1 love. He just gets on my nerves, sometimes...like every other man i know ;)